On Sale Now: game changing competitive edges in the insurance business

New distinctive, compelling and profitable insurance propositions build to measure. A venture build to your strategic and cultural measure – that is irresistible for a specific target group, with a short time to market.

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Insurance innovations can only be successful if they touch customers in their hearts, are executed flawlessly and fit the strategic goals and culture of the owner.


Have a breakthrough proposition up and running within 6 to 12 months. Turnkey and completely made to measure and run by your own employees.

360º integrated approach

The core proposition is build 360º into products, pricing, services, communication, distribution, sales and all underlying processes and supporting functions. In three words: a perfect fit.

  • All disciplines are integrated and coordinated from the start, allowing efficient use of resources and time, as well as more flexibility.
  • Contractor and client have the same priorities and focus.
  • Utilization of synergy effects are enhanced.
  • Every aspect of the project is dealt with by a single point of contact and a single partner.

All disciplines are involved
ready to deliver a 360º running business

1 – Ideation
Distinctive and compelling value proposition

Value proposition creation
Marketing intelligence & big data
Product development & management
Actuarial pricing
Usage based insurance

2 – Execution
Selection risk carrier and 360º implementation

Full service providing
Program & alignment management
Customer service & call center
Claims management
Business process outsourcing
Legal – hr – ict
AFM compliant

3 – Sales
Market introduction

Branding & communication
Website/mobile Design & building
Partnership dealmaking

from conception to launch
and beyond

Track record


We create and bring our own successful insurance businesses to market. Based on our experience we partner to launch new insurance ventures that create competitive advantage.

Working around the globe in insurance, B2B and B2C, for over 25 years in a number of disciplines for a great number of clients.

In the Netherlands we run a MGA company dealing with 350.000 clients. Overall customer satisfaction 9.1 (on a 10-point scale). Enable IT systems, no legacy, business rule engine with full content for 20 insurers, enabling extensive comparison and online STP insurance of policies. Running a callcenter, compliant with WFT, AFM (comparable with FSA).

But there is more, broker network of 250 outlets, managing our 100 employees, our average revenue growth 2016-2020 15% annually, combined ratio (underwriting authorities) during the last 3 years of 80-85%, 50% motor, 30% home, 20% business ventures, non life premium euro 50 million (of which 50% underwriting authority). Pioneer with successful Telematics propositions: fairzekering.nl and voorop.nl.

Builders of the first non life proposition for women in the Netherlands onna-onna.nl, developing a non life proposition for top drivers of german cars in the premium segment cw0.nl.

And as a result of all this expertise a vast network of relevant top level disciplines. But still the best reason to believe is first talking and working with us.

350.000 clients
25 years
B2B and B2C
Customer satisfaction 9.1
Non life premium euro 50 million

Peter Schokker

Risk expert

Harm Vollmuller

Business expert

Joke Gaemers

Alignment expert

Jan Heuvel

Marketing expert

Peter de Boer

Branding expert

London         Amsterdam        Zürich

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